Nature on the p(a)late

Nature dictates what ends up on the plate. The dishes are inspired by what is available at the winery and on the farms of our partners. Which vegetables are just ripe for harvest? How many eggs did the chickens lay today? Which animal was slaughtered?

In close collaboration with the person responsible for the farm organism of the winery, the kitchen team sets the accents of the menu already with the garden planning. The kitchen shows with great clarity what grows and lives here directly on site. Agriculture and gastronomy are closely linked. The vegetables are still in the ground in the morning, and on the plate at noon.

Everything has a value

It is important to us to use food as holistically as possible. All the meat from our animals is processed, from shoulder to loin, from house sausage to pâté. Vegetables and fruit that we have in surplus and do not need for our daily restaurant business are not thrown away, but boiled down, pickled, dried or fermented. For this purpose, the Alois Lageder Winery has set up its own manufacturing facility.

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