Vegetables between the vines

His own vegetable garden in the midst of the vines - this idea has long been a project close to Alois Lageder's heart. Experiencing fauna and flora in their diversity and letting them live. Breaking up monocultures and creating more diversity in the vineyard. A few years ago the idea became reality and we planted the GrandOrto, our vegetable garden, between the vines. The team of our organic-certified restaurant finds inspiration for the dishes here. This brings us much closer to our goal of a natural cycle.

Consistently natural

A variety of vegetables thrive in the garden, as well as fruits, herbs and grains, including old vegetable varieties and varieties that have fallen into oblivion. We also take care to use seeds that are seed-proof, i.e. plants that produce seeds that can be reproduced. We work the soil and plants by hand and do not use machines. Biodynamic cultivation also plays an important role in our garden. This means that we do not use synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and mineral fertilizers. Instead, we rely on the use of preparations and homeopathic teas as remedies. In addition to the vegetable garden, we strengthen the biodiversity in the vineyard through sowings, olive groves and hedges planted between the vines.

Grandorto Vineria Paradeis

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