The Winery

Paradeis Winery

With foresight into the future

The Alois Lageder Winery is known for its holistic and sustainable approach and has shaped biodynamic viticulture in Alto Adige. Founded in 1823, it is now run by the sixth generation family member Alois Clemens Lageder. Alois Lageder acquired the historic Casòn Hirschprunn estate and the associated farm in 1991 and integrated it into the winery.

A place for all the senses

With the Alois Lageder Paradeis, the Lageder family has created a place where the philosophy of the winery can be experienced. The Paradeis has two focal points: The Vineria Paradeis, consisting of a wine shop and restaurant, offers space for wine tastings, wine shopping, guided tours and culinary enjoyment. Paradeis Events, on the other hand, facilitates events at the winery and the associated Casòn Hirschprunn estate; here is where our team can also handle the entire scope of your event planning. We are happy to serve wines from our winery at your event, which you can select in advance at a tasting.

Paradeis Winery

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